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Drew Wackerling


Our Host

Drew Wackerling is the host of TEDxAmsterdamED 2013. Drew is a father of buy viagra cialis levitra two and cheap levitra online us a teacher at the International School of Hilversum where he teaches both math and drama – sometimes at the same time! In his spare time, Drew presents a weekly quiz evening called Drew’s Amsterdam Pub Quiz, and has been presenting and hosting corporate and private events and workshops for companies and groups around the Netherlands since 1999.
Drew got involved with TEDx in 2010 when he created a curriculum using TED talks to help stimulate his mentor classes into more meaningful discussions, and subsequently rolled this out to the mentor program at his school. He has been involved with TEDxYouth in Amsterdam since the viagra sample start of the event in 2010, and is proud to cialis soft be presenting TEDxAmsterdamED this year.

9.30-11.00 | SESSION 1

Marcel van Herpen

20130815 Marcel van Herpen

Disconnection is the problem. Connectedness is the answer!

Children all over the world are driven by their psychological needs: relationship, autonomy and competence. Connectedness is essential. We need teachers and coaches who can engage with
their students and do the right thing at the right moment; teacher and students in full partnership.
Another kind of leadership is also needed: leaders with courage.

Anton Philips

Anton14 2

The road to excellence is paved with intrinsic motivation.

What we need in order to create excellence is people who are intrinsically motivated to do what is required in their job or function. Students can find the way they are motivated to learn – a way which will make learning more interesting and satisfying than it is now. Teachers and school managers can learn whether they are in the right position or otherwise how to get there.

Pedro de Bruyckere

20130913 Promofoto Pedro

Excellence: A Matter of Trust

Trust is a key element for teaching and learning, but we have been installing ‘mechanisms of distrust’ in education both for pupils as for teachers. If we want our learners to excel we need to reinstall trust.

11.00-11.30 | BREAK

11.30-13.00 | SESSION 2

Jasper Merle


A musical performance of ‘A New Day’ by Jasper Merle

Willem Jan Renger

Willem Jan Renger_ThumbBW

A new design paradigm for 21st Century Learning

Games are seen as a potentially powerful addition to generic pack cialis the pedagogical repertoire. But if we look beyond the facade of link for you viagra cheap games as interactive products, there is a new language emerging that is learned by our four year olds sitting on a coach with an iPad on their laps. This new language draws kids to play -even more- games. How can we learn to use this language and create learning materials as an expression of this new language?

Maurice de Hond

 20130918 Maurice de Hond_Thumb

Why the cheapest levitra Toddler Revolution Made Me Build a New School

Since his first child started school in 1981 until today, the world has changed tremendously. Unfortunately, the classroom has not. Maurice will share his personal story of why he decided to change that to better prepare the next generation for their future.

Claire de Pont

Claire de Pont_Thumb

Effective Learning for the Future

Over the last 50 years the role of our teachers has changed dramatically. Teachers are pressed to teach more efficiently and viagra delivered overnight the outside world demand more checks and control. But does this mean students learn more effectively? Passing on knowledge and enabling people to grow is not a digital process. If we keep on pushing for more efficiency and control what will the future look like? Is that something we can afford?

Amy Burke

Amy Burke_Thumb

Mindfulness in Schools

An enhanced awareness of the present moment helps us to cialis online no perscription connect more deeply with ourselves and with others. When teachers are connected to themselves they can be more connected with their students, creating a deeper, more authentic relationship that can enrich learning. Mindfulness training for school communities can help transform education from the usefull link buy branded viagra inside out.

13.00-14.15 | LUNCH

14.15-15.45 | SESSION 3

Rob Andrist Plourde

Comedian and Beatboxer

Rob Andrist Plourder shows us his beatboxing talents

Jelte de Jongh

Photo Jelte de Jongh_Thumb

Big Data and the Excellence Revolution

Excellence is driven by the quality of thousands of micro decisions that teachers make every day. Today, educators pride themselves on ‘fact-based’ decisions. In reality these ‘facts’ (e.g. test results) obstruct balanced, intuitive decision-making. Soon ‘big data’ will revolutionise education. Jelte illustrates this through a case study on dyslexia research.

Charlotte Visch


All for One and obtain viagra without prescription One for All

In schools, in society and in contact with others, we expect children to work independently, with self-confidence, have great social skills and solve conflicts properly. The many conflicts from harassed and unmotivated children require a different approach from the teacher than have been given so far. Children and their teacher will have to collaborate on a respectful living climate in the classroom and take care of wow)) buy viagra in canada no prescription each other: all for one and one for all!

Jaffar Al-Aani

Jaffar Al Aani_Thumb

The Flying Carpet

After moving to the Netherlands with his family from Iraq, 12 year old Jaffar had to literally start over. In this personal story, the now 18 year old shares his journey to achieving personal excellence, and what he has learned from the Dutch education system.

Anne Hamers

Anne Hamers_Thumb

I am HIV positive and i recommend cialis without prescription that makes the difference

At the age of sixteen Anne was infected with HIV. After a period of inner acceptance, she decided that the most effective way to help others like her is to share real life examples, which she does through youth education initiatives. Anne sees it as her purpose to warn adolescents and to help them to make the right choices by sharing her own life story with them.

Frum van Egmond

20130910 Frum van Egmond_thumb

How to teach children to discover, explore and take part in our exciting world

The traditional model for schooling a child is listening to a teacher or reading about a subject in a book. After that, the child is tested to levitra tablets for sale measure how much it can remember. Frum van Egmond talks about an alternative model that she has designed for learning. This model offers scaffolding for learning in a wide variety of situations and contexts.

15.45-16.15 | BREAK

16.15-17.45 | SESSION 4

Meester Bart Ongering

20130913 meester_bart_bw

Listening and taking note of the thoughts and words of students is one of the best ways to connect with them. As a high school teacher, the thing he loves most about his job is seeing students learn and grow in a variety of ways and seeing them smile when they feel a sense of canadian pharmacy viagra prescription achievement. Meester Bart has been recording words of his students through the years and has begun sharing them with the world.

Jonathan Even-Zohar


Shape a Global Future – Teach History beyond Identity

In order to understand how the the best site 50mg viagra retail price world of today came to be, history teaching needs to be innovative, responsible and relevant for today’s children, not for yesterday’s voters. Cross-Border History Education projects are challenging the status quo. We need open-minded approaches to teach today’s global citizens.

Jacqueline Boerefijn

Schermafbeelding 2013-09-26 om 22.59.47

Flipping the Pursuit of Excellence

There may be many roads to pursuing excellence, and not only the ones we have come to know. Jacqueline will offer new and fun tools that can be used right away, to pursue a new kind of excellence in schools.

Josephine Afua Zwaan


A musical performance

Andrew Niemeijer

Andrew Niemeijer_Thumb

The Role of the Excellent Teacher

Andrew’s talk focuses on the questions teachers often have when trying to try it buy cheap generic viagra engage. How do I keep a pupil’s attention? How do I help them achieve excellence? How do I prevent them from wandering off and jumping into that dreaded Rabbit Hole, into their own Wonderlands…?

18.00-End | Borrel
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Starting as a four-day conference in California 25 years ago, TED has grown to support world-changing
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In 2009 TED created TEDx, a program of local, self-organized
events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

The x stands for the fact that the events are independently organized. TEDxAmsterdamED was founded in 2010 by Jessika Lynch and Nephtalie Demei and is an independently licensed event run by a foundation, volunteers, and partners. We welcome new contributions and encourage you to get in touch at

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